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Netherstorm: Level 66 - Tuesday, April 19, 2011

While I was able to get back into the workout routine after arriving home from the conference, I was unable to avoid eating the only thing that they provided for breakfast there...bagels and cereal.  
The zone of Netherstorm, located in the northeastern part of Outland, is not in great shape.  The destruction of Draenor ripped some holes into the planet's makeup, and unleashed a perpetual magical storm into the area, which is also floating around with no real rhyme or reason.  The only point of entry into Netherstorm is across a rickety, goblin-made bridge from Blades Edge Mountains.
Shortly after crossing, you arrive at the goblin town of Area 52, where, among other things, the residents are going to extreme measures to stave off encroaching blood elves, stone colossi giants, and some nasty creatures called brood lashers.  

The goblins have also established an outpost in the easternmost part of the zone, Cosmowrench, as a staging area for any adventurers who are interested in taking on Kael'Thas Sunstrider's forces in Tempest Keep.  

This massive craft, which is floating in the nether just off the eastern coast of Netherstorm, is what remained of the Draenei ship when they fled Outland and crashed onto Azeroth.  Tempest Keep has been taken over by Sunstrider and his blood elves, and houses 3 five-man dungeons, and a Level 70 raid where you do battle with Kael'Thas himself. 
Sunstrider has been busy in Netherstorm, by ordering his forces to construct massive manaforges that drain the magic energy directly out of the planet, which isn't helping the already unstable situation.  
The ethereals of the Consortium have constructed large domes and engineered environments within that are more comfortable for any mortal customers that they may get.  


And, as always, the Burning Legion are nearby, with more camps cranking out their evil forces.  

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