Monday, April 25, 2011

Shadowmoon Valley: Level 67 - Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Similar to the original game's Blackrock Mountain, Shadowmoon Valley is as close to a 'final zone' that the Burning Crusade has.  The entire zone gears you up for the final fight against Illidan, which will take place in the Black Temple, which makes up most of the eastern border of the area.  Alliance players check into the Wildhammer Stronghold...
and Horde players get Shadowmoon Village.  
a few of the early quests have you dealing with some relatively small fish, like some stray ghost arrokoa and trouble-causing Naga...
but soon you finally get your chance to do some real damage against the Burning Legion, by infiltrating their ranks and sabotaging their bases from within.  

The Scryers and Aldor have also established bases close to the Black Temple, for the impending attack.

One optional path that players can take is to trick the Dragonmaw orcs who serve Illidan into taking them into their ranks.  This unlocks a number of daily quests that have you doing menial work for the orcs, while also sabotaging their mining operations and freeing netherwing drake eggs from the orcs, who break the noble dragons to use as mounts.  Eventually, when you reach a certain reputation, you are unmasked and ordered before Illidan himself, but some of the drakes that you helped whisk you off to the safety of Shattrath, and even allow you the honor of keeping one of them as a mount.  

The final phase of the zone sets the stage for your eventual raid on the Black Temple.  You are sent to meet with Akama, a broken draenei who threw in his lot with Illidan in order to attempt to take the Black Temple back from the orcs who had invaded.  He is having second thoughts about his master, realizing that he replaced one set of viscous overlords with another, and is now prepared to help you defeat Illidan.  He gives you a set of quests to prove your loyalty, and afterwards, some quests to facilitate your entrance to the Black Temple.  
However, the front door of the Temple is heavily guarded, and your raid will have to find another way to enter Illidan's stronghold....

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