Monday, April 25, 2011

Blades Edge Mountains: Level 66 - Monday, April 18, 2011

As previously announced, I was at a conference on this day, and due to running around getting the booth set up and manning it, was unable to squeeze a workout in.  
The Blades Edge Mountains occupy the northwestern portion of Outland, and their hostile terrain and inhabitants mean that not even dragons are safe in this zone. 

Alliance players have two bases in Blades Edge, including the night elf settlement of Sylvanaar in the southern part of the zone...
and Toshley's Station, a Star Wars reference and base occupied by some enterprising gnome engineers.  
 The Horde get Thunderlord Stronghold...
and both factions are welcome at the Cenarion Expedition's outpost at Evergrove.  
There are many threats in the mountains, including a burned-out forest that now houses hostile fire elementals and imps...
an imposing cave occupied by treacherous members of the Black Dragonflight...
and the ever-present Burning Legion, who have established some more Forge Camps in this area, to churn out fel reavers, corehounds, and other nasty creations. 

However, the biggest threat in this zone comes from the numerous clans of hostile ogres that have established camps throughout the mountains.  

After one particularly long chain that has you kill the king of one particular clan of ogres, you are named the new king, and allowed entrance to Ogri'la, a small outpost high above the canyons of Blades Edge, where a group of enlightened ogres have established a peaceful alliance with the Shattari Skyguard from Terokkar Forest.  They give you daily quests that allow you access to powerful gear, and nether ray mounts.  
In the heart of the zone is the entrance to Gruul's Lair, one of the raids available for Level 70 players.  This instance pits you against the evil gronn, Gruul, the ruler of the hostile ogres in Blades Edge.  

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