Monday, March 7, 2011

Level 27: Friday, March 4, 2011

Located right in the heart of Forsaken territory, the Scarlet Monastery dungeons are popular places for players of this level to run and get gear upgrades. Prior to the Random Dungeon Finder, getting there took Alliance players a long time, due to the closest flight point being three zones away. Once they got there, they would also frequently encounter bored Horde players who would patrol the area looking for a fight.

This stronghold for the fanatical Scarlet Crusade is divided into four wings, and as players pass through, they become gradually more difficult. Previously, anybody who wanted to see all four wings had to visit the Library first, as clearing it would let them find the key that would unlock the other wings, but that has since been changed. The first, and easiest wing, is the Graveyard.

The Scarlet Crusade, having been driven to madness due to the Scourge attacks on their land now feel that any creature is a mindless zombie looking to kill them. Their motto is kill first, decide if the target is a threat later. The first wing begins with a trip through one of their torture chambers, and then moves outside to the graveyard, where undead spirits wait around every corner.

The main boss of this wing, a reanimated bloodmage named Thalanos, resides in the largest crypt in the cemetery.

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