Monday, March 7, 2011

Level 26: Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remaining in Duskwood, you eventually find your way over to the western part of the zone, and the haunted Raven Hill Cemetery. Ghouls and zombies have taken over here, and your main mission is to see what's causing the disturbance, and put a stop to it. Eventually, you find out that a necromancer who lives in one of the cemetery's shacks is responsible.

Recently, a caravan of friendly worgen have also set up camp here, and their chains involve you finding a wild worgen and administering a cure to him in order to make him more human.

Finally, nestled in the center of the zone, surrounded by rocky hills with one obscure path to follow, is the Twilight Grove. This clearing is the site of one of the four portals in the world that leads to the Emerald Dream.

At times, however, adventurers are startled to find a large World dragon prowling the area. Large raid groups, back when the level cap was 60, would form to take these dragons down for special gear. However, for a level 25 newbie wandering around, this could be quite an imposing sight.

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