Monday, April 4, 2011

Un'Goro Crater: Level 51 - Saturday, April 2, 2011

First day off from the bike in two weeks.  

The Un'Goro Crater, located just west of Tanaris, is only accessible via cliff diving, or a small path downward in the southwestern part of the desert.  
 The crater floor is a jungle-like habitat, teeming with wildlife and flora of ages past.  

Prior to Cataclysm, the lone settlement in Un'Goro was an expedition of adventurers who were stranded when their plane crashed.  They made a camp called Marshal's Refuge, and took shelter high in the mountains in the northern part of the zone.  After the Cataclysm, their camp was overrun by Stone Titans, so they moved closer to the center of the crater.  

The volcanic Fire Plume Ridge is also located near the center of the zone, and its scalding temperatures have caused a number of water sources in the crater to become hot springs.  
The cavernous Fungal Rock is in the northeastern part of the zone, and has been taken over by hostile gorillas.  
The Silithid infestation first spotted in Tanaris is seen here as well, as evidenced by the numerous underground tunnels dug by the huge insects in the southern part of the crater.
However, there is no greater threat to an adventurer in Un'Goro than that of the towering devilsaurs who patrol the zone.  Most times, by the time a player realizes that one is near, it is too late.  

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