Monday, April 4, 2011

Searing Gorge: Level 51 - Friday, April 1, 2011

Directly south of Ironforge lies the charred lands of Searing Gorge, so named because of their proximity to the volcanic Blackrock Mountain, which towers over the land to the south, dividing Searing Gorge from the Burning Steppes.  

Players usually first access the Gorge from the Badlands to the East, and find themselves in a mountainous area called the Dustbin, where the road forks.  
South of the Dustbin is Grimesilt's Dig Site, which is held by Dark Iron Dwarves.  

To the west, nestled in the northern mountains, are the faction-neutral Thorium Brotherhood dwarves.  They are embroiled in a fierce battle to take back the Gorge from the evil Dark Iron dwarves who have poured out of Blackrock Mountain to spread their operation across the land.  
The Dark Irons have enslaved a number of the Thorium Brotherhood to mine for precious ores in the volcanic core of the Gorge, nicknamed the Cauldron.  

 The Dark Iron's numerous watchtowers circle the Cauldron, to prevent escape, and to warn of any attacks.  

The Slag Pits are the heart of the mining operation in the Cauldron.  
Just over the ridge from Thorium Point, the Twilight's Hammer cult are involved in kidnapping and ritualistic sacrifices.  
The imposing entrance to Blackrock Mountain is the only way to get to the Burning Steppes on the other side.  Inside the mountain, many threats await.  

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