Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blasted Lands - Level 57: Friday, April 8, 2011

Located on the southeastern-most part of the Eastern Kingdoms, the Blasted Lands, although nondescript in aesthetics, are a very important destination for players of both factions.  The land has been ravaged by the opening of the Dark Portal in the center of the zone, which is the gateway to the ravaged remains of the planet Draenor, also known as Outland.  The portal was originally built by a mage named Medivh, who was possessed by WoW's ultimate Big Bad, the Dark Titan Sargeras, and the Shadow Council, and was used to first bring the orcs of the Horde from Draenor to Azeroth, in a war that nearly tore the world apart.  
The damage done by the original opening of the portal are evident in the Blasted Lands' harsh landscape.  The Alliance has established Nethergarde Keep in the eastern mountains, overlooking the rest of the area.   
The Horde have taken Dreadmaul Hold, which used to be occupied by ogres.  
On the southern beach, some hostile naga have enslaved a clan of Murlocs, and you must rescue them... 
While on the eastern shore, a number of Gilnean ships that have fled the mess in Gilneas, have been wrecked.  Ghosts of the passengers wander the shoreline, and must be set free.  
Some, however, have survived the trip, and founded the village of Surwich in the southwestern part of the zone.  

However, everything in the zone is just filler until players reach the magical level of 58 that allows them to go through the Dark Portal.  While technically they can go through earlier, enemies in Outland are much stronger, and there are no quests available until 58.  Some players like to go through at 56 or 57 to kill some boars, but I always wait impatiently.  

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