Friday, February 18, 2011

Level 11: Sunday, February 6, 2011

When we last left our Worgen friend, we had just witnessed the destruction of Duskhaven due to the COMBO of Deathwing's emergence from the earth, and a barrage of fire from Forsaken gunships. After a few quests where you salvage supplies from the flood, and save drowning villagers, you move onto the village of Stormglen, on higher ground and farther away from the coast.
There, we find out the next part of the escape plan. All of the survivors will make for King Greymane's manor, located high in the mountains overlooking Gilneas, and safe from the floodwaters.
Once you arrive, you meet with Gilneas in his observatory as he looks out on the wreckage, and sees that the survivors are still threated by the range of the Forsaken ships' guns. He calls for another evacuation, much further inland to the forest of Blackwald.

In the forest, the survivors meet up with some Night Elves, who give them the backstory on the original Worgen that were summoned to help fight off the Forsaken. This is all a little Poochified, but as it turns out, they were originally druids who couldn't maintain the balance between their human and beast forms and were banished to sleep under the tree in the forest, but not before their curse began to spread. Then they give you some potion that lets you control your shapeshifting. At this point, that racist Gilnean Godfrey shows up and gives you a little attitude, but King Greymane shows up shortly afterwards and reveals SWERVE that he's been affected by the curse as well. Godfrey isn't happy, and puts in motion a plan to take control. He secretly kidnaps Greymane, hoping to hand him over to the Forsaken in exchange for mercy for the rest of the pure Gilneans. You thwart his plan, however, and save Greymane, and Godfrey, unwilling to serve a "tainted" ruler hurls himself off a cliff.

Not MY lycanthropic ruler

That ends his portion of the story in the Worgen starting area, but if you play as a Forsaken, you discover that they raise his corpse from death and turn him against the Worgen. Meanwhile, the Worgen, rallying behind the rescued Greymane, and invigorated by finally overcoming the curse, appear to be ready to take back Gilneas. However, Greymane's son, Liam, is killed by Sylvanas Windrunner during the battle. Following her, you discover that she has countless batches of the Forsaken plague ready to level Gilneas to the ground. Greymane has a choice: avenge his son, or save his people. He chooses to honor Liam's memory by evacuating the Gilneans that he fought to protect, and after a series of quests that has you slow down the advancing Forsaken, Night Elves from Darnassus arrive to ferry you across the sea to safety, with promises that you will return to Gilneas, backed by the full forces of the Alliance.

This marks the end of the Worgen starting experience. When the player regains control, they are in the Night Elf capital city of Darnassus.

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