Monday, March 21, 2011

Level 40: Sunday, March 20, 2011

I was unable to resist the delicious-looking quiches that were available at my family's Sunday brunch. However, to my credit, I was able to pull myself together and do a full workout yesterday afternoon to prevent losing a level.

Briefly touched upon during my Feralas write-up, Dire Maul is a multi-winged dungeon instance located in the ruins of the forest. Like several other instances, it has had its minimum level requirement changed post-Cataclysm. Unlike the Scarlet Monastery, where each wing contains the same basic foes, Dire Maul's three wings are completely different experiences, each with their own unique enemies and experiences. The easiest wing is the eastern one, also known as the Warpwood Quarter. The remains of an ancient high-elven city are everywhere, but this area has been completely overrun by evil satyrs, who have corrupted the area so that it spawns murderous plants. It's basically The Happening.

Immediately upon zoning in, you meet a Pusillin, a mischievous imp, who challenges you to a race throughout the instance. Every time you seemingly catch him, he runs off, until you eventually trap him and he attacks you. Defeating him used to get you the key for the other Dire Maul wings, but that has since been removed.

Continuing further, your group eventually encounters the evil Zevrim Thornhoof. He has taken control of the powerful friendly Ancient of War, Old Ironbark, and your group won't be able to reach the final boss without defeating the satyr and freeing him. When you do, the giant tree thanks you by demolishing the doorway to the final boss before dying.

Finally, the group reaches Alzzin the Wildshaper, who is the source of the corruption in this wing of Dire Maul.

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