Thursday, February 3, 2011

Level 4: Sunday, January 30, 2011

Up until this point, I had been doing my workout every evening. In an effort to get it to my preferred early morning time, I did not bike on Sunday so that I wasn't doing one workout Sunday night and another Monday morning. (Any kind of lingering fatigue could have stopped me.)

"As long as neither of us is bitten, we'll be fine!"

Back in the Worgen starting area, you manage to make your way through the packs of wild worgen to the cathedral in the middle of the city, escorting some VIP's and still feeling the effects of your bite. After commandeering some cannons to clear out a large pack outside the building, you and one of the Gilnean leaders begin your final stand inside. Unfortunately, just as the final attack starts, you undergo a transformation into a full-fledged worgen and wake up days later in the stocks that you might see in Liberty Square at Disney World.

Come on, quit fooling around, we have Soarin' Fastpasses

You are told by Lord Godfrey, an unaffected Gilnean leader who hates Worgen, that you went Charlie Sheen-crazy and attacked Crowley, and that Gilneas was lost. The survivors fled to the nearby town of Duskhaven, where you become a guinea pig for an elixir that attempts to curb the Worgen curse. It seems to work, and you are released from the stocks and make your way into town.

While on a mission to gather materials for more elixir, you are attacked by a Forsaken spy, and after fighting him off, see that he isn't alone, and that the town will soon be under attack.

Despite still not trusting you, Godfrey recognizes that your Worgen curse makes you stronger in battle, so he sends you out to counter the Forsaken attack. After some quests where you sabotage the Forsaken boats and kill their leader, you return. Just as it appears that you've saved the town, the incoming bombs from the ships, combined with the already weakened terrain from a giant dragon recently popping out of the earth and wrecking everything, sink the entire town.

George Bush doesn't care about wolf people.

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