Thursday, February 3, 2011

Level 5: Monday, January 31, 2011

The purpose of these "in-between" areas that I'll be talking about for the next couple of entries are to get the player used to the shift between the starting areas and the first major city that they'll encounter in the game. Shortly after leaving Northshire Abbey, humans find themselves in Goldshire, a small town located just outside the main gate of their capital city, Stormwind.

Located in the center of Elwynn Forest, this is the first place that a human character can learn professions and find an inn, and after a few quests, move onto Stormwind. There are a number of threats in the nearby areas, including a large amount of hostile merpeople called Murlocs and some more Defias gangs. As opposed to the starting area, where enemies will only become hostile if they are attacked first, players will be attacked if they are in a certain proximity of an enemy now. Some of the quests in this area include thinning out the Murlocs, helping rid some local mines of some more mole people, and a multi-quest chain that has you help the children of feuding farmers escape to pursue their love, a la Romeo and Juliet.

This place is also famous, as most of the action depicted in the South Park WoW episode took place here.

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