Friday, May 13, 2011

Uldum: Level 83 - Sunday, May 8, 2011

For decades, adventurers have been looking for a way into Uldum, the legendary land of the Titans, located south of Tanaris, but have been unable to find a way in.  However, the Cataclysm has disabled the cloaking device that the Titans implemented to hide Uldum, and now brave archaeologists and treasure hunters are going into the newly-revealed desert to seek their fortune.  
You join up with one of the caravans heading into Uldum, and it isn't long before your entire group is captured by some hostile native pygmies.  
You are sold to the Neferset, a tribe of the ancient cat people called the Tol'vir, who have been tasked with protecting the secrets of Uldum.  The Neferset have been corrupted, however, and you are thrown into prison with Prince Nadun of the rival tribe of the Neferset, the Ramkahen. 
You are able to escape your cell and spy on the Neferset to get an idea of their plans.  Not surprisingly, they have entered into a bargain with the elemental Windlord, Al'Akir, who commands djinns and air creatures who, in turn, is being manipulated by Deathwing.  
You are able to free the rest of your allies and Prince Nadun, create a distraction, and flee the Neferset city disguised as Tol'vir.  Prince Nadun, in gratitude, takes you to the city of Ramkahen.  

Once there, you are introduced to the king of the Ramkahen, who tells you about the their dire situation.  The Neferset are demanding that he give them an ancient scepter that is believed to be the key to the secret of Uldum...a staff which Deathwing believes will provide him with a weapon capable of destroying all of Azeroth.  The Ramkahen refused, and as a result, the Neferset, aided by Al'Akir, buried one of their cities in a massive sandstorm.  
The Ramkahen, unable to withstand such power, are about to concede defeat and the scepter, but you convince the king to hold a vote to determine if they should wage war against the Neferset.  You are sent to the various decision-makers of Ramkahen, who are spread out in surrounding areas of Uldum, and come back with the decision that Ramkahen will go to war with the Neferset.   
The Neferset have powerful colossi and legions of troops, but you are able to enter the city and kill their leader, which in turn, disables their colossi and turns the tide in Ramkahen's favor.  

The remaining Neferset flee to the Lost City of Tol'vir, having captured Siamat, the djinn sent by Al'Akir to oversee them.  
This five-man dungeon involves you entering the city, eliminating the remaining Neferset forces, and putting an end to Siamat's plan to enslave the Tol'vir.  
Players can also enter the Vortex Pinnacle, another five-person dungeon located high in the sky where powerful lieutenants of Al'Akir reside, led by the djinn, Assad.  

Meanwhile, everyone's favorite blatant reference, Harrison Jones is in Uldum, putting together the pieces of a puzzle that may unlock the greatest secret of Uldum, the rumored weapon that lies beneath the sands.  
You follow him around Uldum, activating three obelisks that are spread throughout the zone, and gathering information about the weapon, which he finds is located in a place called the Halls of Origination.   

Jones is not alone in his quest, however.  You stumble across a rival archaeologist's expedition, led by a goblin named Schnottz.  

Hoping to get a better idea of what's going on, you go undercover in Schnottz's operation, but find yourself blamed for an attack on his life.  You are saved at the last minute by Jones, who reveals that Schnottz is under Deathwing's control, and everyone is after the same thing; the power of the weapon that lies beneath Uldum.  After activating all three obelisks, they indicate the location of the Coffer of Promise, which contains the key to the Halls of Origination.  Just as you find the coffer, Schnottz shows up with black dragons.  
From out of the coffer appears Brann Bronzebeard, who had been trapped inside since finding the Coffer first.  Once Jones deshielded the coffer, Brann was free to activate the defense mechanism which destroys Schnottz and his dragon allies.  
Your final task is to meet Brann inside the Halls of Origination and help him deactivate the weapon, which is revealed to be a giant "Reset" button implemented by the Titans, a reorigination system that was placed on Azeroth to destroy all life if the Titans desired.  
The Halls are filled with Titanic guards who have been charged with destroying anybody who tampers with the device.  You must take them all out in order for Brann to disable the weapon permanently.  

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