Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New Journey Begins: Level 1 - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And, we're back!  I'd like to first express my appreciation to everyone who participated in the polls that determined my new character's race and class, in addition to the appreciation that I have for people who stop by the blog daily or subscribe, for their ongoing support.  

While the vote for goblins was fairly one-sided, (and I'm happy about it, since it means that I get to not only play one of the two new Cataclysm races, but also experience Horde content for the first time) the class vote was hotly contested until at the end, mages won out.  
Ah mages, those fragile, yet lethal damage-dealing machines.  What's more fun than toying with your enemy before finishing them off, whether it's turning them into a sheep, or freezing them in place as you charge up a spell that they know is going to obliterate them?  Nothing, for my money!  Now, what name to give to my greedy, *ahem* "self-interest protecting" goblin with a full arsenal of magic tricks? 

Exciting news for this 1-85 journey!  All screenshots will be taken by me, personally, so you will be able to click on any of them for a larger, detailed view.  

The expository fly-over of the starting area, (which every race gets) explains that the Goblins are ruled by the greedy, power-hungry Trade Princes, and keep mostly to themselves, choosing not to pick a side in the ongoing conflict between the Horde and Alliance, (why do that, when you can cater to both sides and get double the profit?)  They inhabit the seedy city of Kezan, in the shadow of an active volcano (foreshadowing!) and have, over time, become extremely shrewd, due to their exposure to kaja'mite ore, which they harvest from mines underneath the volcano.  At first, they were made to harvest the ore by the local trolls inhabiting the area, but after prolonged exposure, they become intelligent enough to turn the tables, and enslave the trolls.    

As we join the story, we discover that the ruthless Trade Prince Gallywix controls Kezan, and is keeping an eye on our character, knowing that we want nothing more than to supplant him and take over.  Our character owns a kaja'mite mine, and has come up with the brilliant idea to manufacture it as a beverage that gives the imbiber intelligence.  You run the KTC (Kajaro Trading Company) and have a number of staff at your disposal, none more indispensable than your executive assistant Sassy Hardwrench.  

She gives you the troubling news that the kaja'mite cola production has slowed down, so you head to the mine and talk to the supervisor to see what the problem is.  Turns out that not only have the trolls grown lazy and refuse to work, but the mines are also under attack from some unpleasant gyreworms.  After killing about six of them, I hit level 2.  (You gain levels very quickly early on.)

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