Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zangarmarsh: Level 61 - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The large swamp and mushroom forest of Zangarmarsh lies to the west of Hellfire Peninsula, and the nighttime, soothing blue palette is a blessed relief after so much of the orange and red "destroyed land" look that we've had for what seems like forever.  
Your first stop is generally the Cenarion Refuge, a neutral quest hub where druids of the Cenarion Expedition are setting out to see what is happening in Zangarmarsh.  Strange occurrences are popping up everywhere, the Dead Mire to the northeast has become dry and uninhabitable, 

its native fungal giants hostile
and swarms of hostile naga have established pumping stations in the zone's various lakes, all feeding to one giant reservoir in the middle of the largest body of water in the swamp.  

 Other encroachers include some vicious trolls.  

You also can choose to help the peaceful spore people of Sporeggar, as they attempt to take back their land from fungal giants, who have begun to wander in and trample their young in search of food, due to depleted conditions.   

The Alliance hubs are in Telredor, established high among the mushroom tops, 

 and the Orebor Harborage, nestled in the mountains to the north.  

 Horde players get Swamprat Post
 and Zabra'Jin.

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