Friday, April 22, 2011

Shattrath City - Level 64: Friday, April 15, 2011

In the heart of Terrokar Forest, very close to the center of Outland is the neutral city of Shattrath.  This is where most players of both factions progressing through Burning Crusade content make their home, as it has all of the amenities of a major city, including inns, banks and vendors.  Because of the peaceful nature of the naaru, the city's godlike rulers, PvP fighting is not permitted within the city walls.  

The head naaru, a being of light named A'dal, welcomes all to Shattrath.  It is under his watch that Outland was saved from complete destruction at the hands of hostile orcs, who as it turns out were corrupted by the Burning Legion.  During their rampage through Outland, a group of draenei who refused to flee with those who went to Azeroth holed themselves up in the ruins of the city.  When all seemed lost, the naaru showed up to offer aid.  The surviving draenei called themselves The Aldor, and began to rebuild the city.  

Shortly afterward, the Aldor received word that Illidan had sent a force of Blood Elves from his fortress to capture Shattrath.  They braced themselves for a fight, but were surprised when the invaders laid down their weapons and pledged allegiance to A'dal.  The naaru accepted their aid, but the Aldor, still pissed off about the mass slaughter thing, refused to accept them.  The Blood Elves became the Scryers, and Shattrath got to be VERY tense.  Both the Scryers and Aldor have settled in their own portion of the city, and players must choose which side to ally themselves with.  Players who choose to aid the Aldor are barred from entering the Scryer area, and vice versa.  Each side provides powerful weapons, gear and enchantments for those who gain enough reputation.  

The Lower City houses a number of refugees from the war raging in Outland, including humans, ethereals, and arrakoa, a race of birdmen who are unwilling to turn to evil like some of their other tribes.  

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