Friday, April 15, 2011

Nagrand: Level 63 - Thursday, April 14, 2011

The southwestern part of Outland houses Nagrand, one of the most scenic zones in the game.  The main Alliance quest hub here is the mountaintop village of Telaar.  Here, you perform tasks for the remaining draenei, who are just a short distance from the wrecked ship that brought them to Outland in the first place, the diamond-like Oshu'gun. 

The massive structure has attracted the interest of a faction of ethereals calling themselves The Consortium.  They will deal with both Alliance and Horde, as they are only interested in profit.  Doing tasks like collecting fragments of the Oshu'gun, or precious elephant tusks will increase your reputation with them. 
Garadar is the main Horde settlement, and is the ancestral home of the orcs.  It is here that players first met Garrosh Hellscream, at the time an unsure hesitant chief.  He was reluctant to become a true leader, because he felt that like his father, he was weak.  Thrall arrives and gives him the unknown knowledge that his father was a true hero, and sacrificed his life to free his fellow orcs from a curse that bound them to demons.  Bolstered by this knowledge, Garrosh resolves to become a true leader, a goal he will ultimately realize by becoming the Horde's warchief.  
Other storylines in Nagrand include pitting two ogre clans against each other for fun and profit...

Destroying several Forge Camps of the Burning Legion, where all kinds of horrors, like Fel Reavers, are being constructed... 
and a series of fights in an arena called The Ring of Blood.  Players can team up here and fight several battles against powerful opponents for prestige, experience and rewards.  It's a relatively quick way to get a superior new weapon, and a lot of experience for leveling.  
Horde and Alliance can also battle over the zone's middle village, Halaa.  When one faction controls the village, they have the opportunity to buy armor and supplies from special vendors, and get a buff to their damage while in Nagrand.  Attackers can bomb the guards with winged mounts from above, and once the guards are cleared out, attack the defenders on foot.  

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