Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dragonblight: Level 72 - Monday, April 25, 2011

As your journey inland continues from either coast, you come across Dragonblight.  This massive tundra is littered with the skeletons of dozens of deceased dragons, who have all come to this zone to die.  
Perhaps this is because the zone is home the Wyrmrest Temple, a massive, towering building in the center that houses representatives of the various dragonflights.  
Their defacto leader is Alexstrasza, the queen of the Red Dragonflight, and since she is a woman, and in a video game, her human form dresses as a prostitute.  

Each Dragonflight has their own area in Dragonblight, and that area reflects their personality as a group.  The volatile, hostile Blue Dragonflight's area is literally ripping apart at the seams with magical energy...
while the Red Dragonflight's is a calm, pastoral sanctuary, under attack from the Scourge.  
The time-obsessed Bronze Dragonflight (who also control the Caverns of Time) have an area where they are locked in combat through time against the sinister Infinite Dragonflight, who are meddling in the affairs of the past for unknown reasons.  
Not all members of the Black Dragonflight are villains, like Nefarian and Onyxia.  Those who are on "your side" are dealing with the Scourge themselves, and they enlist your help in clearing out their Shrine, which is situated under a volcano.  
The Scarlet Crusade, newly dubbed the Scarlet Onslaught, are here as well, after fleeing Azeroth during the death knight starting experience.  
The Blue Dragonflight are attempting to harness the magical energies in the zone.
At one point you even convene with a massive sea monster. 
The Alliance town of Wintergarde is under siege by the floating Scourge necropolis of Naxxramas, which has unleashed ghouls, abominations and all kinds of evil monsters upon its citizens.  

The Horde stronghold of Angmar's Hammer.
The main narrative of the zone is the preparation of the attack on the Wrathgate, the colossal iron barrier that separates Dragonblight from Arthas' home turf of Icecrown.  There are a number of multi-quest chains that all culminate with players of all factions joining the assault on the Lich King.  In keeping with the theme of this expansion, things don't exactly go as planned.  

Presented without context, here is a meeting that you have with your future self!  

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