Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burning Steppes - Level 54: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just south of Blackrock Mountain, and north of Redridge are the Burning Steppes, and like Searing Gorge, its proximity to the volcanic mountain is evident by the landscape.  
The main antagonists here are the Blackrock orcs, who are coming from their stronghold in Blackrock Spire in an effort to expand their reach.  They have warlocks performing strange rituals at the Altar of Storms in the western part of the zone....
 and have established a fortress in the foothills of Blackrock Mountain from which they run their operations.  

The Blackrock Orcs have teamed with the Firegut Ogres, who reside in Dreadmaul Rock, and are planning an all-out assault on Redridge.  Players find out their plan by infiltrating their ranks, and then must stop the invasion by any means necessary.  
One of those methods includes negotiating a truce with the neutral dragon who lives in Slither Rock, and arranging for his help when you are ready to stop the invasion.  

Morgan's Vigil is the Alliance base of operations for the counter-attack.  

When the time comes, you commit numerous acts of sabotage, including switching the Blackrock Warlocks' imps with hostile fire sprites, swapping their magical orb for controlling a pit lord for an ordinary piece of glass, which causes the pit lord to attack the Blackrock instead...
And finally, receiving the help from the dragon that you bargained for, when you jump on top of one of his drakes to attack the Blackrock and Firegut forces from the air.  Your efforts are successful, and Redridge is saved.  

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