Thursday, March 24, 2011

Huge Thanks

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Lisa Poisso and the rest of the crew at WoW Insider for their incredibly complimentary write-up of Leveling Down, and a special welcome to everyone who found their way here from the article. I hope that you enjoy the blog, and maybe even feel inspired by it!


  1. I'm impressed by the whole idea ^^ and shall be following your progress!

  2. Matt this is fantastic, I'm a big advocate of ways to involve gaming as a weight loss tool. I tried to remotely control WoW through my iPhone to do some herbing at the gym once, but realised quite quickly that I lack the co-ordination to do that on such a small device! I'm planning on trying again with my iPad (once my dignity has recovered...).

    I'll be following your continued progress with interest, you mentioned the idea of a Levelling Down guild in the WoWInsider article, that's fantastic. If you ever get that going I'd love to be involved in a mirror version on the EU servers, everyone can roll an alt or simply join a channel on their main.

    Keep up the good work.