Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Level 3: Friday, January 28, 2011

Hope you like trees.

Every time I tried to start a Night Elf character, I would inevitably abandon it before it was able to leave the starting area. Shadowglen looked nice enough, being a secluded little area in a larger forest, but what was really annoying was was how much distance you had to cover to complete simple tasks. Not to mention that practically every time you wanted to turn in a quest, you had to climb up a 200-foot tree to the quest giver that lived inside.

Just remember, we were here before Avatar

Some of the early Night Elf quests included searching for a man lost in a spider cave, killing wild animals to preserve nature's balance (?) and a quick jaunt (haha, no) into a cave the size of a full dungeon to finish one quest. But hey, at least your character flips when it jumps! Seriously, if you must play as a Night Elf, do whatever you can to quest in one of the other starting areas, this place sucks.

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