Friday, February 25, 2011

Level 13, Monday, February 14, 2011

I'll get to the other half of the World Map in my next post, but since it was Valentine's Day, I figured I would discuss WoW's Love is in the Air event.

One of the cooler things that the game adds throughout the year are special seasonal events, usually tied to major holidays. For two weeks in February, every player, regardless of level, gets to participate in events that begin in any of the major cities. There are a number of special quests to perform, which range from creating charms to present to the city leaders as presents, to investigating the strange perfume that seems to be everywhere at this time. A short quest chain reveals that the perfume, being sold by Goblins calling themselves the Crown Chemical Company, is actually masking an attempt by some Forsaken to introduce a new plague. Max level players can enter a short dungeon that takes about five minutes to complete, and kill those responsible. Some prizes from this fight can even include a special Love Rocket mount.

There are a number of special prizes available, including a miniature summonable vanity pet version of WoW's version of Cupid, the goblin Peddlefeet.

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